Our Chantilly, VA medical center caters to organizations with a full range of medical programs, both on and off site through our Global Medical Center.

Cassy Menezes Gallagher, PT

Mrs. Cassy Menezes Gallagher has received her Physical Therapy degree from Ragiv Gandhi University, Bangalore, India in 2006. After working for a few years in Mumbai, she got licensed in the States for Physical Therapy. She has been board certified and licensed since 2009. She is also a manual therapist and a dry needling therapist. She is also certified in CPR.

Cassy understands that medical education is an ongoing process and, as such, continues to supplement her university education with courses that include:

  • McKenzie Diagnosis and Treatment of Lumbar spine,
  • Myofascial  pain, trigger point and release,
  • Pilates rehab for spine , Low back and chronic pain syndromes
  • Core stabilization, – Osteoarthritis
  • Comprehensive treatment of the shoulder
  • Dry needling and Work hardening

Vishal Kumar

Certified X-Ray Tech

He  is a Certified  technician for Radiology, Audiology, DEXA (Bone Density Scan), Stress Test, Lab and Breath Analyzer. He is also a certified in Drug Screen Collection Technician (Urine, Saliva and Hair).  He also studied at GND University, India, and received a Medical Doctor in Alternative Ayurveda Medicine.  Mr. Kumar is certified by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).