Introducing telemedicine to see patients from anywhere in Virginia. DoctorOnScreen (DOS) is a secure, simple, innovative and easy to use telemedicine software which uses regular browser. DOS does not need any special software and hardware.

See patients from anywhere in Virginia | Consult doctor from home or office or from anywhere

Start Your Consulting

How does it Work?

Create an account online and submit preliminary information. Video at patient will start automatically when the doctor starts the video. Prescription if required will be send to patients preferred pharmacy. Summary of the consultation will be given at the end of consultation.

How much does it cost?

We charge $50 for the consultation for everyone. We do not bill the insurance company.

Benefits of Telemedicine

– Commute time to and from the healthcare provider.
– Consult doctor from home or office or from anywhere (while travelling abroad)

Telemedicine Requirements

– Internet connection
– Google Chrome Browser

Is it Secure?

Yes, Doctor on screen is designed to be a private, secure, and allows you to safely and confidentially consult with a doctor online.