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Dr. Rajesh Mehra

Medical Director & Weight Loss Specialist

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With over 25 years of weight loss experience, Dr. Rajesh Mehra has got the plan for you to start losing weight today.

Our program is based on multiple options, each one designed to fit your medical condition, personality traits, economics and lifestyle because we know that one plan does not fit all. We are able to customize weight loss plan options to the person’s diet based on ethnicity, lifestyle and economics.

Medication Therapy

Candidate may qualify if BMI is over 27.  A free consult with Dr. Mehra will be needed to determine eligibility. Complete physical is required for the program. Complete blood work and EKG and ECHOCARDIOGRAM. Can be billed to the insurance company if proper coverage is verified. Required to see nutritionist every 2 weeks ($55 per visit) and once a month to see Dr. Mehra ($85 if no insurance coverage).

Medifast Program

Clinically proven by Johns Hopkins University, our weight loss program delivers immediate results safely. Women and men typically lose 2-5 pounds a week and patients over 200 pounds can lose as much as 10-15 pounds a month. Our program consists of low calorie, low fat nutritionally balanced meal replacement products delivered to your door and a meat and vegetable meal prepared at home or your favorite restaurant. There are three easy to follow stages to help you lose the weight quickly and safely and keep it off:

  1. The weight loss phase
  2. Transition phase
  3. Weight maintenance phase

A knowledgeable coach in our center will provide you with the tools to help you through the program and maintain your weight for life.


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